Every year, we rescue and rehabilitate more than 450 wild animals. If you want to learn more about the species we rescue and discover how you can help, check out our Adopt an Animal page

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Sloths belong to the superorder Xenarthra, a group of mammals that also include anteaters and armadillos. They're arboreal animals that spend most of their lives hanging upside down in the rainforests of Central and South America.  

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The Panamerican Conservation Association (APPC) is Panama’s leader in wildlife rescue, focusing on sloths in particular. The APPC rescues and cares for sick, injured and orphaned animals, providing long-term care to those who need it. Through education, we promote environmental awareness and the importance of the community’s role in protecting wildlife.

Since 2005, APPC has rescued and relocated more than 6,000 wild animals, returning more than 95% of them to their natural habitat. With deforestation and development as the biggest threats to sloths and other wildlife in Panama, APPC dedicates all its efforts to saving Panama's most threatened species. You can help us by donating and spreading awareness.  


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The APPC is located in Gamboa, one of the most biodiverse tropical areas of Panama and City of Knowledge, right next to Panama Canal, less than 10 minutes from the city. With more than 11,000 species of plants and animals, Panama has one of the greatest levels of biodiversity in proportion to its size. However, despite the fact that 35% of the country's land is protected, life here faces great threats due to habitat loss and the expansion of urban and industrial areas.

Help us give wild animals the opportunity to return to the forest. The APPC does not rescue animals to simply fulfill a mission - we rescue them because as living beings, they have the right to be rescued.

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